Sunday, December 11, 2011

Crafty Christmas

This year, I am broke.  Completely and utterly, broke.  Also this year, I have been getting into crafts (Another thing that I never knew would happen!)  I always thought that I was extremely 'un'artistic but it actually turns out that I don't have to be!  SO!  This Christmas, my Husband and I are going to be making our own gifts.  I don't want to tell you exactly what they are just yet!  But I can tell you that Mod Podge is my new best friend!

In this post I would like to give a shout out to a few blogs that I have stumbled upon that have given me fantastic ideas!  They all have a fantastic array of DIY crafty projects that ANYONE can do!

The Hybrid Chick - I fell in love with these fabulous photo blocks by Julie Mom of 4

Photo courtesy of 'The Hybrid Chick'
Light & Spoon -  This is a VERY cool idea to make your own artwork using melted crayons

Photo courtesy of 'Light & Spoon'

Our Best Bites - Has an awesome gift idea for kids!  Make your own homemade slime!  What kid doesn't love slime?!

Photo courtesy of 'Our Best Bites'

Chica and Jo have an idea that I also fell in love with.  They have coasters made out of curling ribbon!  I tried this one out and the end result was amazing!  This is perfect for using up all your extra curling ribbon!  I always have tons of the stuff left over at Christmas.

Photo Courtesy of 'Chica and Jo'

A Beautiful Mess has an idea that I have always wanted to try.  Homemade Graphic Soap courtesy of Sarah Rhodes

Photo courtesy of 'A Beautiful Mess'

New England Through a Yummy Mommy's Eyes also has absolutely amazing photo blocks.  I love how she has aged them!

Photo courtesy of 'New England Through a Yummy Mommy's Eyes'

Over at Mommy Models, they have a tutorial on how to make your own photo canvas art!  I bought a canvas print last year as a gift and they are really quite pricey!  I wish I had seen this one last year!

Life in Grace has another great gift idea for kids!  Homemade alphabet crayons!  I will definitely be making these with my Son when he is older!

Photo courtesy of 'Mommy Models'

With that, I am off to find my X-acto Knife!


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  1. I saw heart-shape pans at the Target dollar spot and I wondered if I should pick them up to make heart crayons for my nieces and nephews.

    I love the twist your mom made on marshmallow treats with cornflakes and raisins. I'll have to remember that!