Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spring Loaded

I swear my child is spring loaded.  Seriously.  He is also learning how to push my buttons.  Can kids go through the terrible two's before they actually hit a year...  Or is he just warming me up for the big event?

My days have been filled with removing my kid from the TV.  Over and over and over again.  He has learned how to climb and is absolutely obsessed with pressing the buttons. (Mine included so it seems!)  He also loves to bash away at it with his toy hammer, wrench, wooden blocks... Anything else his sticky little hands get a hold of.  He parks his butt in front of the TV, looks at me as if to get approval.  I say no or nuh uh or hey or something.  He smiles real big and climbs up.  I pull him down and put him across the room, next to his 6 million deep, floor to ceiling pile of toys, he goes straight back towards the TV and the process starts again.  ALL. DAY. LONG.

Shouting just results in stink eye.  Saying no results in laughter. Should I start saying 'Sure honey you just go right ahead and climb the TV' in the hopes that he just simply has his yes and no's mixed up?  ;)

It's just all a big game. He's very persistent, which I'm guessing is a good trait seeing as he is going to be a brain surgeon and all.  But seriously.  How do you stop a hard headed child (Who absolutely did NOT get that from me by the way) from doing something that he is hell bent on doing?

He is sleeping right now.  Dreaming of button pushing, I'm sure.

~ Tasha 

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