Friday, May 4, 2012

My parenting journey so far

Half way through my pregnancy, I decided that I was going to be an awesome Mum and I was going to have an unbelievably awesome child (which I do by the way).  My Son wasn't going to have a pacifier, timeout was going to be completely unnecessary, he wasn't going to go through his terrible two's (haha), I would be the most patient Mum on the planet and would take everything in my stride, he wasn't going to be bribed with things to be good, he was going to be eating an extremely healthy diet, filled with lot's of different fruits and vegetables and a whole load of other insane naivety.

This is how it REALLY went. Within the first 4 weeks of being born, I was gently coaxing him to take the pacifier (that he didn't actually like all that much) he got used to it, but then at 3 months, decided absolutely not.  I'm grateful, but also quite sad sometimes.

In the past couple of months I have found that timeout has been ABSOLUTELY necessary, even though it has absolutely no effect.  In fact, if he knew what the middle finger was for, he would definitely be using it.  It's all a fun game at 18 months.

I am a lot more patient than I expected, but man, that child tests it often.  Again with the games.  We have a morning ritual at the moment (baring in mind that we are living with my Parents at the moment and it's not AS child friendly as our previous house was) he wakes up and comes into the living room, I watch his eyes spy the ornaments on the shelf, he edges his way over, flat against the wall, looking at me with this big F U grin.  I start saying no, he grabs it and runs down the hallway, like a bat out of hell.  I chase him, as soon as I get within 2 feet, he pitches it across the room and shouts "bye, bye, bye" whilst waving and running in the other direction. He moves his way around the house doing this with the bookshelf the trashcan, the dog bowl and whatever else he can see that he knows he is not supposed to touch. This is the start of the terrible twos that I was so adamant he was not going to have. Is that a grey hair I see?

The healthy diet that I dreamed about has also gone south.  To start with, he liked most vegetables, if he didn't, I could quite easily disguise them and he would be none the wiser.  He will not eat ANYTHING that looks even remotely like a vegetable.  I tried to hide peas in mash potato the other day.  He sucks all the mash potato off and throws the peas across the room.  He has also learned how to say cookie, which is totally my fault.  Remember when I said there was to be no bribery?  Yup.  I bribed him with a cookie to come inside and now that's all he says when he's hungry (Well he points at the cupboard and says "key? key? key? over and over again).  Luckily though, he loves fruit.  He's totally addicted to sausage too.

As much as I complain sometimes about the stuff that was bound to happen!  I would never have it any other way.  You can't stay mad at him for long, he is absolutely hilarious at times.  I guess he also has my genes which I so can't be angry with him about. lol.

Not the best quality picture...

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  1. I was exactly the same with the dummy - I was determined that Little Man wasn't going to use one but by three weeks I was looking at him and begging "Please take it, please!" - He's not fond of it either.

    Really love your blog! Thanks for the follow, have followed back.