Friday, February 8, 2013

Sausage Gravy and Biscuits, Oh My!

One of my absolute favorite things to eat for breakfast since moving to America... Well actually, any time of day really! Is Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. It is SO delicious and I could eat it every day if I wasn't so worried about becoming the size of a house! I hear that it isn't known all over the States either! I can't imagine why!?

For my English followers, Sausage Gravy and Biscuits was originally eaten after the War of Independence, more specifically in the South, when food was in short supply. Plantation workers needed to come up with something that would sustain them throughout the day and wouldn't cost a lot to make. I can't really think of anything similar in England to compare it to! Biscuits are also different, they are a lot like scones but a little fluffier!
I have been perfecting this recipe over the past five years now and my Husband says that it's the best he has ever eaten. I have tried to make a less fattening version, but it really isn't the same. I figure, if you are going to eat this meal every once in a while, you may as well have the full fat, plus fat and a stick of butter on top version and be done with it. Ok, the stick of butter on top may be taking it a step too far, but I'm sure you catch my drift! I would NOT like to know the calorie content. Let's keep that one a secret.

This is my recipe, I would be interested to hear how you guys make it!

Serves 4

1 1lb Roll of Original Jimmy Dean Sausage
3 Tbsp of Unsalted Butter
2 Heaped Tbsp of All Purpose Flour
2 Cups of Milk (It's creamier if you use Full Fat)
1 Pinch of Kosher Salt
1 Tsp of Black Pepper (I like it really peppery)
1 Container of Pillsbury Biscuits. Yes, I cheat on these. I haven't quite perfected a recipe for those yet and I am quite fond of the ones in a can! Haha.

Cook biscuits as per instructions

Brown the sausage in a medium sized pan. When cooked through, remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Add the 3 tbsp of butter to the pan and melt (You may not need that much butter, it all depends on how greasy the sausage is that you use. Jimmy Dean isn't all that greasy.)

Add 2 tbsp of all purpose flour, one at a time and whisk until combined. The mixture should resemble a paste.

Cook the paste (roux) over a medium high heat, until it has turned about 2 shades darker. Make sure to be patient on this step or your finished result could taste floury!

Start to add the milk. Add half a cup first and whisk quickly! Gradually add the rest of the milk and whisk out any lumps. Bring to the boil and if the mixture gets too thick, then add a little more milk.

Add the salt, pepper and the cooked sausage to the mixture and stir well. Taste and add more seasoning if needed. Add salt a little at a time, this goes from being under seasoned to over seasoned very quickly! I have done that several times and you can't take the salt out when you put too much in :(

Serve the gravy over hot biscuits and enjoy!!

What are some of your favorite things to eat?

~ Tasha


  1. Yum!! With 3 inches of snow on the ground, that looks like a great way to warm up! Adding it to my recipe bookmark!

  2. Oh my and Oh yeah. Y'know, I live Up North in The South and I've resisted making these, but now with the recipe staring me in the face I guess it's the Universe's way of saying MAKE THESE!!! ; )
    Thanks for the recipe and for stopping by my blog. BB2U

  3. Your recipe looks yummy! My hubby loves this for breakfast. I didn't grow up eating it but love it now. Oh and I keep trying to make biscuits from scratch but always go back to Pillsbury. :)

  4. oh! This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing. Popping by from Blogging Addicts :)

  5. This is one of those things I've often heard mentions of without knowing what it was so thanks for clearing that one up !!