Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wannabe Cake Boss's, take 2!

On Tuesday, it was my Brother in Laws 20th birthday and after seeing my previous attempt at making my Sons 1st Birthday Cake my Sister got it in her head that we should attempt to make him a fire truck cake. (He's a volunteer firefighter)

I started to Google different ideas and came across this fantastic tutorial over at Beki Cooks Cake, it was very ambitious! You should most definitely check out all of her cakes, they look absolutely delicious!!

My sister, Taryn and her friend Kelsey came over on Tuesday lunchtime and we put ourselves to work. Baring in mind that this is what the cake was supposed to look like, I don't actually think we did that bad!! Obviously ours didn't turn out quite as well!

Photo courtesy of Beki Cooks Cake

There were a few differences though, we couldn't find the right size box of fondant. Michaels only had the HUGE box that we would never have used in a million years, so we went for gum paste. It worked great, but, if I ever used it again, I would wait to make the accessories for the cake until we were actually ready to use them. It dries a lot harder than fondant and when we tried to add them to the cake later, some of them cracked and the ladder broke :( We also made the fire truck yellow, as this is the color of the fire trucks at the station he volunteers at! Oh! And I had to use a butter knife to ice it! It would have looked so much better with the proper tools!!!

This is how it went!

We chose French Vanilla and Strawberry

Taryn diligently working on the accessories!

A blurry photo of the stacked cake...

Ready for accessories!

One side finished

And the other!


~ Tasha


  1. It looks great! You guys did a stellar job..and it definately looks like a fire truck :) Was it tasty?

  2. Thanks!! It took a really long time :/ It was actually very tasty!

  3. I think it looks great!
    Gum paste is harder and will break more easily than fondant, so that makes sense why that happened, but I think you all did an awesome job!
    - Beki

  4. Wow, that is pretty awesome! I've always been a little nervous to work with fondant, never heard of gum paste. But I love the details you were able to add!

    Stopping in from Bloggy Moms blog hop! Would love it if you were able to stop by:

  5. Holy Smokes those look awesome! Athena

  6. That looks great! My boys would love that cake :)

  7. What a cool cake!! Very tedious work, I commend you for your patience!! :)