Sunday, April 1, 2012

Still dreaming of riches

Well, unfortunately I didn't win the lottery.  CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. THIS. CRAP. THOUGH?  The Maryland lottery winner lives 10 freakin' miles away!  We all just about had a heart attack when they announced that the winner was in Baltimore County!  Soooooo close.  I know I shouldn't be jealous, but damn! So, yes.  Today I am still dreaming of riches.  I refuse to give up!  Even after reading all the statistics that really don't put any odds in my favor AT ALL!  (People just trying to rain on my parade I think!)  I'm a glass half full kinda person, so I have to think that one day I will get lucky! Haha.

Anyway.  Today I am going to be redesigning my blog.  I have downloaded a bunch of stuff and am in the middle of playing around with it, so we shall see how it looks later!  If anyone is reading this, do you know of any really good blogger design tutorials?  Or, a good site for graphics that can be used on a blog?

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