Monday, March 25, 2013

Sure! I know Bob Smith from London!

I was asked a question by someone just recently, that made me think of a whole bunch of other mildly ridiculous and sometimes hysterical questions I have been asked since I moved State side...

Some of them have been asked by people who live in the US and some have been asked by people at home (I am not going to name any names.) Below are a list of 'serious' questions I have been asked. No jokes here!!

Questions from the USA

1. Ooooh! You're from England? Did you find it difficult learning a new language?

2. So what did you cook back in England? You had to buy everything from farms and make everything from scratch, right? You don't have grocery stores like we do here do you?

3. Oh my god, your accent is so cool! I'd LOVE to go to Australia! Did you ever get to meet Steve Irwin??

4. You're not from around here are you? Do I hear a Pennsylvania accent?

5. Oh, those black bowler hats that all the men wear in England are SO cute!

6. "Excuse me Mam, did I hear you say you were from England??? Do you happen to know someone called Bob Smith? He lives in London!?"

7. Do you know the queen?

8. (Cops in a restaurant) "I have a thing about the English accent, could you please say, in your sexiest English voice, {Mans Name} You are soooo sexy!" Uhm... No.

9. OH cool!!!! You're a Brit!! TOODLE PIP, PIP PIP, CHEERIO CHAPS!

10. Everything stops there at noon for tea and crumpets, right?

11. Your teeth are so nice! You must have had those fixed here, huh? Seeing as everyone in England has bad teeth and all.

Questions from England

1. Can you send me a gun?

2. Do you have cheese over there?

3. What about cows?

4. Do you not find it all very 'Jerry Springer?'

5. Aren't you worried about getting eaten by an alligator?

6. Oooh you're not going to be living anywhere near where that movie Deliverance was filmed are you? You know! De de ling ding ding din ding ding ding..

7. How big exactly is a supersized Big Mac? Can you eat a whole one? I bet they are HUGE!

8. Does your husband talk like the Marlboro Man? You know, "Howdy Pardner" Does he wear chaps?

9. A 20 hour drive from Maryland to Florida? But it's only 2 inches on the map!!

10. I don't understand American Football. ME NEITHER! ;)

11. They eat burgers every day! I bet you are so sick of burgers.

That is actually a relatively short list!! There are many more, I am sure!!

Have you ever been asked a funny question by someone out of town or country? I'd love to hear them if you have!!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Tasha


  1. Bahahahaha!!! So.....did you know Bob Smith? People are so goofy aren't they?

    I live in a small town about 45 minutes south of Chicago. I always get asked questions like "do you get to ride in cabs all the time?" or "aren't you worried about the crime?" or "you probably have a hard time walking down the straight because it's so windy right?"


    Penny at Green Moms and Kids

    1. HAHA! I'm glad it's not just me then!!

      And yes! Bob Smith and I go waaaaaaaaaaaay back! Spoke to him just yesterday! ;)

  2. We were vacationing in Tennesee and a couple was also there from Somewhere in Australia I really don't remember where now, but my brother was holding my son. (I had him when I was 16 so my brother was about 10 or 11 at the time of this incident)They asked where we were from and we answered Mississippi. Then they asked if my son was OURS. (as in mine and my 10 year old brother!?) I said NO he's 10! and my BROTHER. Then the Man said well we know all those southern states are inbreeders! (Aparanetly we are also child molesters???) Stupid people...

    -Queen Mommy
    Mommy Trying 2Survive Monday

    1. :o :o :o Oh my god!!! How rude!!! I think I would have given him a black eye! lol

  3. I mentioned to someone in my due date pregnancy group the other day that we are coming into winter here (most of the members are from the UK or US) and our heating bill nearly cripples us every year. I got a whooole bunch of responses saying stuff like 'as IF it gets cold enough in Australia to use a heater' 'Australian winters aren't even cold are they?''You can still go to the beach in the middle of winter' 'Do you even know what snow looks like?' etc *facepalm*

    P.s We aren't all as stupid as THAT man from Somewhere in Australia. Ignorance exists in every country regardless.

  4. Ditto Farrah.....LOVEd it!!! Laugh out Loud good :) Thank you!

  5. Omgoodness, this is awesome. Also, I'm going to need a close up shot of your teeth now. ;)People are so ridic, aren't they?

  6. This was hilarious!!!! omgosh the questions that people ask! I cannot get over how silly some people are!
    Jennifer at

  7. HIlarious...although my 17 year old would immediately ask you if you know Harry Styles, so she'd be on the list I guess.
    Pretty sad that we're known for eating too many hamburgers. Oh it's true, it's just sad. ;)
    Glad I popped over! Now I have someone to pepper with questions when we travel to London one day! haha....

  8. Oh heavens, people are funny!
    So have you sent anyone a gun? :)

  9. WHY on earth did you leave beautiful Cornwall for Maryland? I moved to the USA and to Maryland- (Now Im in Florida)

    we (Me, Brit, wife-Yankee and our two girls -passports UK and USA)
    are planning on moving to England :)

  10. Those are funny!!

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